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    I am a nurse from the Philippines, I recently decided to give NCLEX a try and I am planning to apply for it in the state of New Mexico. This is my first time to apply for NCLEX as well as applying in the said state. I have already read and reviewed New Mexico Board of Nursing's application guidelines but I didn't quite find what I was looking for.

    My question is, Does New Mexico Board of Nursing require international nurses to have a Social Security Number (SSN) before the initial application?
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    Hi. No it does not. I have my ATT number through NM and plan to sit NCLEX in late August in Hawaii due to limited test in Sydney Aust. I read a couple of post stating you need a SSN to be issued a license after NCLEX. There is NOTHING on th NM website stating this. Regards SM
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    Moved to the Advice on Immigration forum

    Best to ask BON this question and get it directly from the horse's mouth
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    BON is a person who knows these things?
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    BON is the Board of Nursing and they are the ones that make the final decision

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