New mexico board of nursing!

  1. hello fellow nurses,

    before i begin let me greet everyone A VERY GOOD DAY, im a international graduate from the philippines and i applied for my application in new mexico sometime october last year, i was able to submit all the requirements needed and was able to get my eligibility and registered at pearson vue with no hassle, i took my first attempt of the NCLEX RN last march of this year (2012) but sad to say i didnt make it. by then i didnt bother to take another test until today something came up to me and told myself "IM READY TO FACE THAT EXAM again" so here is my question

    1. am i still eligible to take the test? and how long is the eligibility for new mexico?

    2. will i still be able to register at pearson vue? * i wanna make sure before i pay 200 that my money wont come to waste*

    i hope someone out there with a good heart can answer my question, i tried calling new mexico and left messages to give me a return call but i got no response so i just decided to take this here. thank you again in advance and we all PASS THIS TEST! =)

    thanx a lot,
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to Nurse Registration Forum. Have you contacted NM BoN?
  4. by   itsuxtobu
    i tried contacting them but i get no response
  5. by   perioddrama
    Wait however many days New Mexico requires between testing.

    I believe you will submit this form (RN/LPN Re-examination) and appropriate fee to the Board of NM. Wait for ATT. Register and pay fee to take the test at Pearson.

    When in doubt, keep calling Boards until you speak to a live person.