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hi everyone, i only discovered this site yesterday and its so useful, thanks so much for all your help! i have two questions for you all. 1. when you pass the nclex do you get a green card and does this mean you need to... Read More

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    Silver dragon thanks so much for your help.
    As a matter of interest my fiancé is a American and we plan on getting married 2014 are the processing times for a spouse green card the same?
    It was so easy working and registering in Ireland, uk and Australia, I can't believe it so difficult in the states.

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    If your fiancée is American then it is much easier to apply for a immigrant visa. You have 2 options K1 which you enter and have to get married within a certain period can then change your status and get a immigrant visa issued or get married and then apply for a visa

    Here is a link that may help you

    USCIS - Spouse
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    Thanks again Silverdragon. I wanted to get my own visa but it looks like this is the easier option.

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