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nclex pn exam

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    im new to this site. i have my nursing diploma from my country i got all my papers & i was able to take the nclex rn in california but i failed twice. now i m working as cna & thinking to take the nclex pn now then trylater for rn my question is can can able to atke the pn exam & ask the board ofregitered nursing to send my trascrit to pn board its not possible for my get the trascript from my country ???? plz help me
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    You can ask the BRN to forward paperwork and they may do so but may charge a small fee. We have had some post on here that it was done with no fee and others posted there was a small fee
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    Kb0712, sorry that u did not pass your exam yet.Since you have enough education to qualify for NCLEX-RN. You may be able to take NLCEX-PN.
    Call your BON. Recoup, you can do it. Good luck to you.!