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Middle East to the Land Down Under

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I am currently working here in Saudi Arabia as an ER Nurse. Experience here is good but I'm thinking of migrating to an open country. I have an NCLEX license under Saipan BON but my application for the U.S. is really taking too long.So I am thinking of Australia so that I can bring my family there someday.

    Right now, I want to start my application with the AHPRA. For those who have done this, I have some questions. Is it necessary to send along with my application my NCLEX license and Saudi Council? Also, do I have to take the IELTS now or can I take it later on? I have IELTS already but have already lapsed for more than two years.
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    APHRA will require IELTS as part of their application process. Yes you will need to send in US and SA license ( i would image they want confirmation that you have worked as a RN and you will have to declare licenses held)