Meeting CNO requirements (Canada)

  1. need some help folks,presently working here in Australia worked in UK prior to coming here in Oz,planning to take the CRNE on June 2013,I just need help with the requirements for assessment to take the exam.......
    1.what do i need to provide for current evidence of safe nursing practice D0 I NEED TO GET A CERTIFICATION FROM MY WARD MANAGER IN THE WARD? i need to provide all my registration from UK,USA,AUSTRALIA AND PHILIPPINES?
    3.english profeciency.....exception for taking EILTS becauses i worked in an english speaking countries for more than 5 need need just certification again from my ward manager?
    4.permanent residency/canadian citizen......don't have these requirements as i'm leaving overseas.
    5.declaration regarding suitability to practice..........i think this is already included in the application form....what do i need for this requirements?
    6.canadian police information centre.........i don't live in Canada how could i get this?
    any information will be highly appreciated to this matter.
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    any recruitment agencies for overseas nurses who wants to work in Toronto? in Vancouver they have Vancouver Health recruitment base in about in Toronto any recruitment agencies recruiting overseas nurses base i Toronto.
    need help please>>>
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    Yes you need to provide all nursing registration held.

    IELTS may still be required if not for the College then for immigration.

    Getting PR will depend on route you plan on taking to get it. Then once you have received PR or a Temp Work Permit you submit information to college who if you have passed other requirements will issue a license.

    Police certificate from within Canada can be applied for once living in Canada