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LVN Review classes in san diego pls help

  1. 0 hello i am a nursing Grad and a licensed nurse in PH. with the concurrency issues with the BRN in CA, i assume that my NCLEX-RN application may be denied so i will try to challenge the LVN examination here but i cant find a LVN review class near san diego. can you help me?

    and to those whos NCLEX RN application exam in CA have been denied, what is your plan? can you share it to me coz' as of now i dont know what to do... are you going to take it to another state? please... help..
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    I would first of all, apply for the LVN exam, as it's going to take months, then worry about the review classes after you submit your application. You'll have plenty of time to find a review center, but you could probably do this on your own. Check out the NCLEX board for some possible answers.
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    Yea, you should try to apply to Lvn board -bnpt first.. You can attend Welcome back review center or kaplan online..

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