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  1. I passed the NCLEX about two months ago for Washington state because of the stricter regulations for international-grad applicants in California. Now I want to transfer my license to CA. I know they still require the transcripts - does this pose as a problem? Is the CA-BON as strict with license-endorsing as they are with exam-takers? Because I wasn't found eligible when I applied to take the NCLEX in CA. I was wondering if they're going to give me the same result. I want to know before I spend all out on getting my transcript from the Philippines.

    Also, as part of the Washington application, they required me to go through CGFNS. Of course they found me eligible. I was wondering if I can just send the CGFNS evaluation copy INSTEAD OF getting all my transcript from the Philippines all over again?

    Thanks for your time everyone, I'd really appreciate the help.
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  3. by   steppybay
    Congrats on passing the NCLEX!

    You might want to read up on the endorsement issue facing international students in particular:

    Endorsement back into CA as it pertains to international applicants

    You might get lucky, one never knows, but just be prepared if it's a "no" or if worse comes to worse, start looking for a job in WA.

    Actually, you're very lucky to have gotten to take the exam in WA, as it's one of the 14 States that's been enforcing the concurrency rules, unless you applied much earlier in WA before they started to enforce, but not sure what was their deadline period prior to that.

    CA BON does their own evaluations, you can give them the CGFNS copy, but it's no guarantee. It happened to my friend trying to endorse from FL into CA, she was denied due to the concurrency problem as they also needed the breakdown of the PH nursing programs for comparison if the CGFNS is submitted.

    You will have to paid for the endorsement fees for CA and note it's non-refundable monies.

    But again, you might get lucky again in passing thru the CA BON.

    You'll find more information in the World forum and under the Nurse Registration tab. Good luck!
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  4. by   themorningtrain
    Oh wow, thank you so much! The link you gave me was very informative, it answered all of my questions!

    I guess I'll be staying in Washington then. I'm glad I asked out here first before I went and applied for an endorsement in CA. The fees are insane.

    Thank you again!!