Japanese Nurse Needing some advice with CGFNS

  1. 0 Hello All-

    I have been working with CGFNS International in order to have my credential evaluated so that they can be sent to the Florida State Board of Nursing. This has been a very trying process due to a technicality in which the school I graduated from does not separate the hours completed for Theoretical Instructions for adult Medical Nursing and Surgical Nursing. Both subjects are lumped together as one; however CGFNS insist that they must separate the hours for the subjects. Seeing as the school cannot guess on the hours completed for the Theoretical Instructions and CGFNS refuses to accept the hours together I am unable to take the NCLEX examination to become an RN in the Untied States. I have been at this with CGFNS and my School for nearly 2 years.

    If anyone can provide some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Moved to Nurse Registration Forum in World Nursing to elicit further response. Most Floridian nurses do not have experience with internationally educated nurse requirements. Good luck.
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    If thats what CGFNS wants, then there is no way around it. I would have just told my school to take an educated guess and that would have solved the problem long time ago.
    Good luck !!

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