is it required for a foreign nurse to take the bridging program in australia?

  1. 0 hi everybody!!! i really hope that you could help me to start my career as a nurse in australia. so here's my question,as a foreign nurse, is it required for me to take a bridging program before i can apply for registration in APHRA? i have read all the criteria and stuffs to meet in their website,but it doesnt really say that i have to take the bridging program. the only instance that they are requiring us to take bridging program is upon their advice. but that is after the assesment.where do i start? please help me.
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    A lot depends on where you did your nurse training. But if from the Philippines then looking at the numerous posts posted you will be required to do a bridging program unless you have x amount of yrs experience in a country exempt from bridging program like UK, US NZ to name a few

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