International school who wants to be an RN in CA

  1. Hi good day everyone!
    I'm a nurse in the Philippines. My family moved here in California so I decided to apply for nclex-RN to practice my profession in CA.
    After couple of years of waiting for the CA-BON's feedback about my application. They sent me a mail and asked me to study more and take more units in OB and MS,
    both theoretical and clinical practice. I felt so bad reading that mail.
    I don't know how to start and where to start again. What school should I choose to take those subj. very quickly and have my examination be done earlier. I'm living at Elk Grove California. Thankyou so much
    I will appreciate your response ) Godbless!
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  3. by   steppybay
    There are several good threads here in this forum section discussing several CA schools, have you read those?

    Just know they are around, some are inexpensive, some cost from $7,000 up to $14,000. Many have long waiting list and very limited seating. There are many other students and nurses from other countries also affected. There are a few who have completed the class so you need to be very persistent.

    Don't forget that you have only 3 years from your application date to complete the deficiencies, meaning you must provide the CA BRN with the proof or else they will "abandon" your application and you'll have to re-start from the beginning again as a new applicant and meet any new requirements in that new time period.
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  4. by   Jhajha06
    Thankyou so much for your response
    not yet. I just joined here yesterday..I'm still looking around how to efficiently use it.
    Yeah your right I was given just 3 years to cope up with my deficiency..
    I should start to inquire to different school now . And maybe I should find out those discussion/forum talking about diff. School here.. Where should I go to find those forum?