International, eligible for NCLEX-RN, can I take NCLEX-PN?

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    I have international nursing education and I got CGFNS and BON approved for NCLEX-RN. I appeared for NCLEX-RN and did not pass. I would like to try NCLEX-PN and see what happens. I do not know if BON will allow me to sit for PN exam. Please advise if you know about it.

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    Many states do not offer this option. VA and NJ are two states that only graduates of schools of practical nursing are eligible to sit the NCLEX-PN. You need to check the state board of nursing for requirements to sit the NCLEX PN as an IEN who finished an RN program. Other states like IN require a corresponding license in country of education thus if your country does not offer a PN credential you are not eligible for LPN license by examination

    CA BVNPT offers the opportunity to sit for NCLEX PN by equivalent education and/or nursing experience however the license is only valid in CA and not endorsable to other states.

    The NCLEX-PN is not necessarily easier than the NCLEX RN especially as an IEN. Pass rates for RN. & PN by IENs is < 30% for first time test takers.
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    Beachy nailed it.

    If you want to try to sit for the NCLEX-PN, you need to contact the BON of the state in which you wish to apply for licensure and ask if it's an option. However, given that are already eligible for the NCLEX-RN, I'd focus on passing that instead. There's several good review programs that you could sign up for if you feel you need help with the test material.
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    There are many people who doesn't pass in first few attempt but end up passing NCLEX eventually. Have patience and try again. you can always ask others for suggestions. I pray for you and believe you can make it.

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