how to retake nclex for TX BoN? how to retake nclex for TX BoN? | allnurses

how to retake nclex for TX BoN?

  1. 0 I graduated nursing outside of the United States and have had taken the nclex test once, but unlucky couldn't pass the test. The test had taken outside of US as an international student for Texas BON. Now i have moved into the states and got my ssn# is it ok for me to retake this test by applying online using their online form?

    PS: I have already registered and paid at pearsonvue testing center now waiting for ATT
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    yes you can register online
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    Your post will be moved to the Nurse Registration forum with the goal of attractiong responses from members who are knowledgeable regarding unique testing/licensing issues with IENs (internationally educated nurses).
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    Yes. Here is the directions per their website: Examination Applications

    Good luck on your re-take!