how can i apply for NCLEX without taking CGFNS

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    Hello. Good day.

    i'm Sheena. i am a BSN graduate from foreign nursing school(Philippines). i came here in US 3 months ago. I am not yet licensed in the Phil. And now i realized i have to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. as i searched the net and all NCLEX websites i found out that our state requires CGFNS. i am now reviewing for the NCLEX and i am quite disappointed about what i have found out. and i blame myself for not taking up my Local Board Exam because i thought that it is not needed here in US. Can i take the NCLEX in other state so that i am not required for the CGFNS?..

    Maybe i could work as part time in any Nursing homes while i am reviewing. Is it possible to have a job without experience and license?

    my mind is in turmoil now. I wanted to be licensed as soon as possible. i need to have a job.
    please send me your ideas about this matter. thank you so much

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    I'm pretty sure you need a license in your home country before you can take the CGFNS and the NCLEX. Otherwise technically your not a nurse just a person with a degree
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    CGFNS doesn't mean you need local license. They are just an approved agency that offers a variety of things for various states. Most states just require CES which is just a evaluation on your nurse training CGFNS exam does require a local license but CES doesn't
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    thanks so much.

    i just talked to the Professional lIcensing agency. they did not mention about having a license before taking CGFNS. and they said it's ok as long as they reviewed and evaluate my transcripts. how long it will take? CGFNS first before NCLEX.

    wow, if i have to have a license before CGFNS i will need to go back to the Philippines for that which is no good.
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    What service are you looking at using? CGFNS offer a few different services and only CGFNS exam is a local license required
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    what if i don't have local license?i am not legible to take CGFNS and NCLeX afterwards?im sorry i dont have any idea about services. ..:sigh:
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    Quote from pinkttergal
    what if i don't have local license?i am not legible to take CGFNS and NCLeX afterwards?im sorry i dont have any idea about services. ..:sigh:
    Take a deep breath and relax..........

    Which state are you applying to? They will list their requirements for foreign trained nurse. If it states CES is required then you do not need a local license unless otherwise states on BON website. All CES is is a evaluation on your transcripts. Now if the state requires certification program then that is the CGFNS exam and for that you do require a local license.

    So I ask again which state are you applying to?
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    i am applying in Indiana. The PRO Licensing Agency told me that they will have to evaluate my transcripts. i just want to make sure how long it will take because i have now my transcript with me. do i need to send it back to my school for them to pass it to the states? u know i have so many questions unanswered. lot of options being offered to me. do you have any idea about the military nurse? can they help me as long as i am in the service with this matter? coz i passed my transcript to them=(
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    transcripts to the bon or sent to cgfns generally have to come direct from your nursing school. if you have them then the envelope should be stamped and show no indicates that it has been opened since sealed by the nursing school

    looking at indiana bon website you have to do cgfns exam and also requires a local license.

    # evidence must be provided that a candidate has taken and passed the commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns) examination directly from the cgfns to the indiana professional licensing agency. those candidates who are equivalent to education as a rn in the united states are not eligible to become licensed as a lpn in indiana. <br>pursuant to 848 iac 1-1-6, foreign candidates seeking licensure as an lpn by examination in indiana must show evidence of having passed the examination prepared by the commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns). commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools
    3600 market street, suite 400
    philadelphia, pa 19104-2651
    (215) 349-8767
    cgfns international - global credibility in credentials evaluation
    # verification of licensure - graduates of foreign schools of nursing shall meet the following qualifications before being licensed in indiana: be licensed in the territory or country in which they graduated. we must receive official verification of your nursing license from the territory or country you graduated in.

    pla: application instructions for licensure by examination for graduates of foreign nursing schools

    i am not sure if the military can help. best thing to do is talk to the bon
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    thank you so much for the info. i will just talk to the BON again! thanks so much for the help. i will post here again if not clear.
    Godbless you. Take care

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