HELP: TOEFL Requirement

  1. My CGFNS CES report was just issued and made available to the board (IDFPR). I read my copy which reads under Language of Instruction: English with English textbooks.

    Nothing else followed pertaining to my TOEFL score (which I submitted to CGFNS).

    Does this mean I don't need to order additional report for IDFPR since my language of instruction is in English?

    If I do need to send still, where do I send it? The instructions say to send all requirements pertaining to licensure to Continental Testing Service (CTS) in La Grange, IL. However, TOEFL doesn't have them in the list of recipients. It only has IDFPR Physical Therapy Division in Springfield, IL.
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    Moving to Advice on Immigration. Although we are IL nurses, we don't know about immigration issues.