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  1. I am US Citizen that graduated from a foreign school back in 2006. I have a BSN from the Philippines. Since then I have worked in every field but health care. I was in the US Navy for 4.5 yrs as a Sonar Technician. After that worked as a Pharmacy Clerk (current). I want to be a RN but in my mind its too late. It has been 8 yrs since I graduated and I think I will not have the necessary skills and knowledge to be a nurse. What should I do? I don't want my education to go to waste. Especially since my father will not let me forget that I have a BSN.
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  3. by   steppybay
    What state are you in?

    You may have to re-take some or all of your nursing courses or may get lucky with just some refresher courses, but again, look at the state's requirements (limitation on applying with so many passed by) you're in and write to that state's BON of your situation.

    Typically, some states limit their licensee's application acceptance to not exceed 3-4 years from their graduation date/year for that same issue you bring up of loss of skills and the knowledge factors.

    It's not learning to ride a bicycle and that those skills rarely goes away, but the fact that you have been so out of touch with the nursing world in terms of the skills needed, the medication, the procedures etc of which you are more or so as a new grad that comes with no nursing experience.

    Being a pharmacy clerk might help a little, but not sure what or how you can relate that to being a nurse.

    Not sure if your father will listen to you but you can tell him that for the time being and maybe for the next decadeor more, the demand for PH nurses is no longer happening in today's highly competitive job market with the high priority of hiring local US grads. The US nursing schools have already produced more than the needed demand of just about every state in the Union. CA alone has nearly a 50% unemployment rate of their new grads (2011-2012 CA BRN survey).

    Not sure he will read or listen to this story (End of the PH nursing profession), as I'm sure his thinking comes from this:

    Here's something else you can print out and put on his reading table (on the lack of PH demand for nurses): US Labor Market Tough for Filipino Nurses until 2020

    Kababayan, I wish you all the luck with your father, I didn't have to go thru that, but I have many many friends who have to deal with today's dismal job market and nagging and pressuring parents who just don't see the big picture at all.

    So have even been so bold as to why not just go become a doctor instead? REALLY!! They have zero notion of the nursing job world.
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    Thank you for your honesty. I agree with you 100%. I need to further research my options and what is best to do. I would love to go back to school if I can to take classes over again.