hard to apply for NCLEX, so end up with HAAD exam

  1. Hi there!This site has been useful for me esp with NCLEX and CG thread. I am a Nurse and working here in UAE. I took HAAD and in shallah DHA This coming month if I will be able to squeeze more to my budget. I find it very stressing to even read those requirements for taking NCLEX and CGFNS (SSN, CES and such for example). I am a graduate from the Phi (2007) and I know I will encounter problem with CES because half of my cases were completed after graduation. Does anyone here have the same situation but was able to complete/pass the CES? if there is I will REALLY consider taking CG first so that I could possibly take NCLEX later.
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    Suggest you have a read in this forum. A lot will depend on state but I think there are currently 14/5 states with concurrency issues