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german nurse wants to become an international nurse

  1. 0 Hi, Im new here, Im a german pediatric nurse (Gesundheits- und Kinderkrankenpflegerin) with a postgraduate training as an IBCLC = International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (Still- und Laktationsberaterin). I live in Germany and I would like to become an international nurse so that I can work in the US or maybe also in other countries. Does anyone has any idea if it is better to go to the school or university in Germany or in the states? And if I would do it in Germany where can I do it there? Do I have to go to the university or is it able to do it in school as well? Or if I would go in the USA first, how can I get the licence there?
    Thanks in advance
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    Each country will have it's own requirements however most require General trained. Moving within the EU will probably be easy for you, the US is currently under retrogression and you will have at the moment a 6 plus year wait for a immigrant visa allowing you to live and work in the US and that is once you have met requirements (General trained with clinical and theory hours on transcripts in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult)and passed NCLEX and then found a employer willing to file for immigrant visa and wait the 6 plus years for you