further study in paediatrics and obstetrics

  1. Hey guys

    First post. I have been browsing this site for information regarding getting a nursing license in the US. It has been very helpful.
    I am an Australian Nurse and I seem to be lacking in experience in Paediatrics, obstretrics and infants.
    Does anybody know of ways to get this experience?
    I have read that Deakin university will run the course and somebody else used the Australian College of Nursing. Will CGFNS actually supply me with more details, such as hours required?
    BTW I have no intention of working in any of those areas ever.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Not just experience but a requirement usually in both theory and clinical. Also you need to check whether the state will accept Deakin as we have seen I think some post that California doesn't accept it.

    Makes no difference if you have no intentions in never working in them areas the US are trained general and expect International to meet similar requirements
  4. by   zaat
    Thanks for the reply. Do you know how many hours I need those areas?
    I can't find that information