Experience after NMC resumes overseas registration - page 2

by greatxander

Has anyone received their pack 1 -2 or decision letters yet? im still waiting for my pack 2. Pls share your experience here.... Read More

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    where have you worked for the supervised practice?? x

    Quote from Chelseac91
    Thank god I'm not the only one who feels like they are jumping through hoops over and over. So I've been doing this process to nurse in the UK for about 14 months and I've just found out I need to do the supervised practice? I was only aware of the ONP. So I'm very annoyed as its never been mentioned. Currently waiting for the NMC decision letter does anyone know with the 3 month supervised practice do you can paid? In all honesty this has been a horrible process and I would definitely not recommend doing it. I hope it gets easier from here but I wish I just organised to work in a bar. I'm Australian, 22 and have been resisted for 2 years. Goodluck everyone!
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    Hi, just wanted to know if you're working with CTN now? If so, how is it? Thanks.
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    Hi che_RN, did you sign up with CTN already. I have applied in that agency too. Im still waiting for my Nmc decision letter before i can sign up with them.