Do I need CGFNS and IELTS to reciprocity from CA to NV, Philippine Gruaduate

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    I passed my NCLEX last 2008 but i just got my California RN license this 2013. I am now living in Las Vegas and was wondering if I still need to go through the same process as new applicants. I was hoping reciprocity will be alot easier since I already have my CA license. Also, it asks there when was the last time I practiced nursing. It was 5 years ago, when I was still in the Philippines. Does it matter? I hope you guys can give me advice. Thank you.
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    This is something you need to ask the BON especially as CA do their own assessment
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    Do ask the Board. And also remember that each state bases the applicant (endorse or examination) by their original education, not the latest state license.