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Hi has anyone took the DHA exam? I'm just waiting for the result, I took the computer based exam now.. hope I pass the exam..... Read More

  1. by   mushy1991
    Hi le.carbonel!! Im a fresh grad and im planning to work in Dubai SOON. Where is the testing center for DHA exam here in the Philippines? Thank you!
  2. by   daniel3rdy
    hi chengzz i will be taking my exam next week can you give me some pointers,big thanks...
  3. by   reni daniel12
    heloo i wana apply for dha test in india do let me knw d contact details plz im a bsc nurse graduate from pune
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from reni daniel12
    heloo i wana apply for dha test in india do let me knw d contact details plz im a bsc nurse graduate from pune
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  5. by   tahani_rn
    dearest chengzz,

    i would like to ask how will i know if i already passed the DHA examination? I already received an Eligibility letter from the DHA using their official website which states that: Has Been Approved As : Registered Nurse Nursing
    And this letter was given to the applicant in order to seek employment and to submit it to the concerned Healthcare Facilities for the issuance of DHA license.
    Is this really it??? Please response. Thank You
  6. by   r.zonio03
    somebody know where is the testing center here in Philippines? also any info for application?
  7. by   r.zonio03
    big thanks ^_^.... GOd bless
  8. by   Brylle19

    Happy New Year Everyone. Somebody who knows where to take DHA examination here in the Phils. and what are the requirements? thankyou! Godbless!
  9. by   meb8882012
    hi there.. just go to dha.gov.ae then register first to get your license #.. After that, visit the website of prometric: prometric.com/DHA.. then click Schedule my exam.. then afterwards visit or call prometric address here in the Philippines:

    THOMSON PROMETRIC, Ateneo Professional Schools.
    Address is 130 H. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.
    Their telephone number is (632) 892-0383.
  10. by   anoop1122
    I am a msc nurse, would like to apply for DHA license, I am having 1.5 yrs experience after completion of my BSC.

    Kindly advise.
  11. by   ghecy
    where i can get the eligibility number for scheduling the exam? thanks
  12. by   marithefrancois
    Ms.. cheng hi this is marithe i wanted to take dha exam here in manila im ex abroad from k.s.a and i wanted to work in dubai.. i am figuring out how to take the exam here, but still i cannot find a website for it.. please help me thanks alot.....
  13. by   marithefrancois
    hi meb good day.. can u please give me some pointers for dha exam pls thanks alot... thanks for your post now i can figure out the steps for taking dha exam...