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Can anyone help me here,im planning to take the LVN exam because I just got denied by CABON because of the concurrency issue..I just want to know: Method #3 Equivalent Education and/or Experience(the PAHARMACOLOGY course)do... Read More

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    Quote from hjreid
    Hello! did u really have to do the live scanning again? thanks!
    yes u have to. BON and BVNPT are two different offices and ur applying for a different licensing exam so they'll gonna need a new livescan from u.

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    thanks alot!
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    ur welcome and goodluck!
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    Same to you! although Im really not sure what I should be doing.. haha.
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    Quote from nikkiramski
    oh ok.. so maybe i could already send my application form, fees, record of conviction, livescan, 2x2 photo to the BVNPT by now, right?
    And your high school and college diploma
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    hi dragon_lady i was wondering if you have an email address where i can contact you regarding my appication for LVN exam..thank you
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    Quote from sheycast
    hi dragon_lady i was wondering if you have an email address where i can contact you regarding my appication for LVN exam..thank you
    Here's my email address,
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    Quote from dragon_lady
    I didn't fill that form because I don't have a license and experience in the Philippines.
    so basically, the first step is to send my application with the
    -record of conviction
    -2x2 photo

    did i miss anything? thanks in advance!
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    Quote from kayakoto
    ok so heres what I did for my application for LVN exam..1)I just submitted to my school the Record of Nursing Program form that they need to fill up..and requested for a TOR and RLE too..2)live scan again3)unlike with Nclex-RN all the documents will need to be submitted at the same time together..application form,$150 check,live scan and the sealed envelope from our school..thats what in their website..)You must submit the sealed .business envelope containing the Record of Nursing Program and official transcripts with your application for licensure. ;
    Hi, I didn't submit the requirements at same time. Those docs from school that needs to be done was forwarded to the BVnpt by our school. According to my sister who did followed up y docs in the PI told me that the school did submitted the requirements. I wonder till now I haven't hear from BVNPT, sits been more than a month now. I'm still waiting everyday for a letter from BVNPt. Im afraid something went wrong with my application.
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    Quote from kababayan23
    hi kabayan my tatanong lang ako sau kc nadeny din aq s nclex ngayun gusto kumuha ng exam ng lvn..yung po sa nursing program form n fifilapan ng school papanu po yung ginawa nio don s ibang subjects don katulad ng end of life care, supervision kc wl nmn po ganun subject nakasama lng yun s mga ibang lecture nmin...salamat po..

    posts only in english kabayan..its their TOs here..
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