CGFNS payment problems..

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    hi. i'm applying for ny and one of the requirements is cgfns. i tried paying online through credit card but they said that my credit card information is wrong. i was stubborn enough to type the info many times, because i wanted to pay already. now, i can't pay through credit card anymore this is what they said:
    you have made too many credit card attempts. money orders or bank drafts in us funds will only be accepted at this time. if you have any questions please contact cgfns international finance department.

    can i still pay through credit card or do i have to stick with bank drafts?
    pls help guys..
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    its better if youmcall them
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    I have the same concern as yours would just like to ask if u were able to pay through credit card after the said event. thnx
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    You can contact the Cgfns, tell them your condition, they may unlock your payment