CGFNS CVS for NYS application help

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    I just graduated from nursing school and have no work experience

    I found a similar thread about this but the question wasn't answered. I called CGFNS yesterday and the lady said to put my current country and "registered nurse" for the profession but it seemed she was unsure herself because she was asking the other people around and they didn't have a definite answer either.

    For the personal information part I have questions about the following
    - I recently worked in the country: [drop box selection] Do I select "UNKNOWN"?
    - I recently worked in the City / State / Province: [type box] Do I put my current city/state or "N/A"?
    - I recently worked in the profession: [drop box selection] Do I select "UNDETERMINED" or "OTHER"?
    - I worked at this job for how many years? [type box] I put "0"

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    i called cgfns again still no definite answers. i was told to leave it blank but i can't since it has an asterisk. anyone? i really want this to get processed already. thanks
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    called cgfns again was told to put United States for the country, my current state, and "registered nurse" for i recently worked in the profession. should i really put registered nurse? I'm not even registered yet. i just want avoid mistakes to prevent delays in the processing of my application.

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