1. Hello guys!Do you know how much it will cost to expedite a CGFN-CVS?
    Thank you and I appreciate your response.God bless us all.
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  3. by   dragon_lady
    Quick question: Does CVS have expedite or just CES.I've read their website and I only saw CES who has an expedite fee.Can you enlighten me.Thanks
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    NY CVS requires CGFNS to do all the work so I think hard to expedite the process as a lot will depend on how quickly the others send the documents back
  5. by   maria52181
    hi dragon_lady!
    out of topic ---i was denied to take the nclex-rn exam and now im applying for nclex-lpn.... can you help me understand the procedures on how to apply for the lpn.. I know it is method 3, but im confused about the requirements esp the RECORD OF NURSING EXPERIENCE (page 10) and EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION – NURSING EXPERIENCE (page 12).. i dont have any work experiences... i graduated 2008 in the Philippines... do i need to submit these forms? thank you very much.. can i send u email.. my email is thank you very much! God bless
  6. by   Sofiep
    Hi maria52181

    I was about to ask dragon lady the same question. Anyways, did you apply to sit in lvn/pn already? How is it? I, myself is still waiting for the papers BRN was asking me to provide to re evaluate my education training or whatever. Graduated '07, took nclex rn 3times and failed. when i decided to take it again, heres comes this concurrency issue. I heard a lot of our kababayans who got denied coz of the concurrency issue or something like that.sigh That is why I'm planning to just challenge lpn/lvn for now.