Canadian trained--Obtaining a US NP License

  1. Looking for advice as to how to obtain a USA NP license. Currently licensed as a registered nurse in the USA (MI). NP education completed in Canada (as well as nursing education). For State license, I need to write and pass the ANCC exam. However, ANCC doesn't recongize or want to evaluate my past education. Therefore, they will not allow me to write the exam, even though I wrote the exact same exam in Ontario for licensure. Any advice as to the process in which to get my current education evaluated and accepted by ANCC, so that I can (re)write the ANCC exam in the US so I can obtain a State NP license? Thanks in advance for any help/direction.
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  3. by   Psychcns
    Not all states require ANCC cert. Oregon doesn't. There may be others.
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