CA Schools offering programs for MS/OB deficiencies

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    This is for internationally educated nurses (IENs) who applied for the licensure examination in California and have been denied due to concurrency issues and are interested in taking additional course work to fulfill the medical-surgical nursing and obstetrics deficiencies.

    I would like to make a list of schools that offer programs for those deficiencies. If you have tried contacting schools and are successful in getting information for such programs, please mention them here and any other details. Also those schools that you contacted and do not offer anything can be listed as well so others know not to try those schools anymore.

    In essence, this will hopefully make it alot easier for us trying to research and contact schools instead of going back and reading post by post what others have said. I know alot of us are in the same situation right now and it's quite frustrating. But its gotten easier knowing that we are not alone. With this, I hope we can help each other out and share our knowledge.

    Anyway, these are the schools that I know of so far, based on what I have seen on a few threads:

    CSU Fresno - This is somewhat confirmed in that the program has yet to be approved.

    San Francisco State University (SFSU), National University, and Mount Saint Mary's College (MSMC) have been mentioned in other threads. I have contacted SFSU, but they made no mention of programs for just those two courses and that you would need to be a full time student enrolled in the actual BSN program. I am not sure about National University and MSMC. To anyone who has inquired at these schools, please let us know how that went.
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    Credit belongs to "jenkits" who posted this in Sept. 2012:

    Hello Nurses!

    My husband (Batch 2012) just received a letter from CA BRN that he is deficient in MS and OB theory and clinicals. We then exhausted our time this week to look for schools near Los Angeles which will allow him to take these classes. And so far, National University offers these classes but there are already 10 foreign graduates in the waiting list. My husband's on the 11th slot. The good thing is their classes are on a monthly basis. It means you don't have to wait another semester to take MS or OB whichever comes first to enroll it. Problem is, NAtional University only takes 1-2 persons from the wait list per year. However, it was mentioned to us when we spoke to *****, Admissions Advisor that the the class usually takes 20 students maximum. Maybe, if the wait list comes to 20 then we then can request from National University to create a separate class. I am most willing to help since I am very aware of this concurrency problem affecting the foreign graduate nurses nowadays.

    FYI, MS theory and clinical take 2 months to complete. Same with OB. Cost $1467 for theory and $1467 + $675 for clinical. About $326/unit. Roughly, you need about $7218. Just be guided.

    To be included in the wait list, email a copy of the letter from the CA BRN of your deficiency to:

    Enrollment Counselor
    Los Angeles Nursing Department
    National University
    5245 Pacific Concourse Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    (310) 662-2044

    If you plan to visit the campus, you can ask for:

    Admissions Director

    Good luck to all you.
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    Guys, you ALL need to do your own investigation and hard researches yourself, by calling and writing to these links or information given to you, don't always depends on others here, get your OWN answers and report back.

    Please always give something back into the system. Before someone of you asking the same questions over and over again, why don't you take some time to read thru the many pages or links first.

    I don't answer many of the PM's sent to me as the answers to your questions are right in front of your eyes, just take the time, please. Educate yourself. Use the archive or search function on this website or simply read the links, it's really not that hard. Sorry for my rant.

    But let's give "jenkits" another second wave of hand clappings for her other piece of information below:

    Hello everyone! Mount St Mary College, Los Angeles does not have a wait list. According to the Admin Asst, admission to MS and OB classes is dependent on the Director of Nursing and upon completion on the following requirements: 1. Toefl minimun score 2132. Written recommendation from someone who is knowledgeable about the candidate3. Nursing entrance exam test4. Personal interview5. CPR/BLS6. Fire safety card7. Completed health insurance8. Malpractice insurance policy9. Criminal background10. Adequate transportation11. Current driver's license and auto insurance
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    Thanks for making this thread. I was just wondering if there is someone who actually completed OB and MS deficiencies and was given their eligibility.
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    Hi everyone!

    i just contacted two schools near my area and they accept us international grad for their MS/OB deficiency though they're not yet accepting enrollees atm. They are Cerritos college and Ventura College
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    The question is, are these schools accreditted by the BRN? If you check their website, you see that the list of accredited schools is pretty short...


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    Hi! The same thing is happening to me. I have not received the letter yet but I call the brn and they pretty much told me to take med-surg and ob classes as well. I can't sleep thinking about it. I have called so many schools already mostly here in San Diego, there's only 3 schools here in sd that is accredited by the brn. Sdsu, national university and point Lima Nazarene university. The sdsu may consider Ien applicants to take ob classes for additional coursework to meet the boards requirement but only if they have open space available. You have to be on the waiting list. For medsurg, it's only for sdsu students exclusively. National university here in San Diego, I forgot but I think they're already full? Not sure but the point loma univ, they do not take anyone outside that's not in their nursing program. I am looking for schools to so please keep me posted.
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    I would like to know how you guys asked for information from those accredited schools? Did you email, call, or went to the school?
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    Quote from mikayjesther
    I would like to know how you guys asked for information from those accredited schools? Did you email, call, or went to the school?
    If you live nearby, I would make an appt. to go in person, otherwise, e-mail or call them. As time goes along, the course may get filled or may be not in session if there are problems with doing the program.

    Don't forget that there are a lot of other international students in the same boat and can range from those coming in from China, India, the UK, Russia, etc, not just from the Phils.

    First one in, first one served as they say and possible other foreign students may have already filled in the open spots as they are limited in the enrollment process.
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    Has anybody tried santa monica college. Mount saint mary in los angeles are not accepting as of he moment

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