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    Hi Good day!
    Im a Registered Nurse from the Philippines and passed the California NCLEX-RN last 2008 and unfortunately it expired last November 2012...
    Luckily i am going to USA this year by a direct hiring from a facility, my question is, can I obtain my CA license as a nurse by sending the previous requirement for NCLEX-RN or by complying with the new requirements? If yes will I be the taking the test again?
    Is there anyone here who got their test result expired and was able to obtain their license by sending the application requirements for taking CA NCLEX-RN?

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    I think you should be safe and probably just need to pay for the first time renewal fee and you are exempt from having to take the required courses as a first time renewer.

    You will be required to give them a valid SSN in order for the actual license to be activated.

    No need to re-take the exam again, you're passed that stage. I don't think you need to even submit your college transcripts either.
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    I inquired a few months back to the CA-BRN regarding my options for registration since I, too, took the NCLEX RN exam in 2008 but was not issued a license because I do not have a valid US SSN. This was their reply:

    Once the valid U.S. Social Security Number is obtained, the applicant may submit a new application for licensure (and required supporting documents: A NEW APPLICATION FOR LICENSURE BY EXAMINATION; transcript directly send from school; the fingerprint clearance and a valid U.S. SSN) to the BRN. Currently, the applicant will not have to retest, because even though the original application is abandoned and destroyed, the NCLEX-RN test result is still valid.

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    Thank you for your response guys. Much appreciated

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