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Hello everybody, I'm a foreign educated nurse applying for licensure in CA. After I submitted all the paperwork to the CA BoN they sent me a letter that states the following: "An evaluation of your application for licensure... Read More

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    Still no success getting on the Obstetrics course to make up my deficiency but I have my name on 2 college lists out of the 36 I have contacted. You are also right about the prerequisite courses for some colleges the whole lot including the obstetrics add up to about 6 months or so of courses and it is up to the individual college what they want. The college I was told that does the 5 weeks intense obstetrics was the Ceritto College but that is not so any more and they also have the pre req and a waiting list. Im talented enough (like most nurses are) to go into another profession, sadly loosing out on my nursing which I have a passion for and love very much. Im not quite giving up. If anyone finds a college in Nth or Sth California doing the darn course I will keep checking on site and if I hear of anything I will update also. Good luck

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    Any luck with schools?

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