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Bridging Program in Australia - page 7

Hi. I am new here. I don't know exactly where to go. I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I am interested in studying in Australia for a bridging course that will help me become a... Read More

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    Quote from aiashtia
    Hi Makikay! Where can i find that in the AHPRA site?Denial phase....

    Thank you.
    Here's the link
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    thank you bobby123.
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    You need to provide evidence that you have undertaken sufficient practice
    within the past 5 years for a period equivalent to a minimum of 3 months full

    It's still 3 months since I filed for registration in PRC Philippines and PRC will be releasing the license card this May 2012 . @.@ I hope there is remedy for this circumstance.

    Q9. What happens if I am unable to meet the ROP requirements?
    A. You will need to provide evidence of:
    a. Successful completion of a program or assessment approved by the
    Board, or
    b. Successful completion of a supervised practice experience approved by
    the Board.

    I wonder what programs these are.

    Thank you for the link bobby123
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    Good Day!

    I went to PRC Philippines to get my certificate of good standing or registration status(Registered Nurse) which is required by AHPRA for my eligibilty. However, they won't issue the certificate unless I have my license card and they are yet to release the license card this March 2012.

    In the absence of this, what must I submit to AHPRA?

    Thank you!

    P.S. July 2011 Fresh Graduate Nurse, moving to Perth this 22
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    Hi everyone! Just have some questions. I submitted my application with all the requirements last july 27,2011 and it's been four months already but the only letter i received from them via email was just the acknowledgment itself. i called them today and they said that it's still under processing and there's no timeframe.

    My questions are: long does it really take for the result to come out for international applicants? they really call your employers?
    3.what else should i do while waiting? difficult is the bridging program? what should be the preparation?

    Thanks. hope you'll be able to help me
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    Quote from unadunad
    Nope, you can take it at any approved Bridging program providers.

    Congrats to you. you know what, i submitted mine last july in NSW but until now, i havent received the eligibility letter. Why was yours fast? it's been four months already since i lodged my application.
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    Quote from marklouiemarco
    Congrats to you. you know what, i submitted mine last july in NSW but until now, i havent received the eligibility letter. Why was yours fast? it's been four months already since i lodged my application.
    I lodged my application in NT and got the letter of eligibility after 10 1/2 months, it took that long because they did re-assessment of my application, the case officer handling my application at first resigned, they send my application to NSW for assessment but NSW AHPRA office send it back .,etc. Others got their approval for 3-6 months while some got theirs longer like mine. It is a case to case basis. Keep yourself busy whilst waiting for the decision. Patience pays off. You'll receive your letter eligibility soon.
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    Im wondering if anyone here have known any BRIDGING PROGRAM PROVIDER here in SYDNEY please?
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    Hello guys....I already received confirmation letter of admission from VCHN for may 14, 2012 intake at Melbourne. Im preparing now for my 456 visa application. Is anyone here had the same case as mine?
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    Congrats mikeyrho314 ! I am for June 4 intake in Perth and still waiting for my COA.. Did you receive your COA just today? did you paid the full tuition fee or just the enrolment fee of $1000? TIA..
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    Hi mikeyrho314 and ned1968!

    I am also for VCHN/IHNA this June 25th in Melbourne. How did you guys pay your enrollment fee? I was about to pay the $1000 enrollment fee online via credit card but it says server system error. Deadline of the two weeks time they gave me will be tomorrow. I'm a bit worried. I can only pay via credit card. Already sent lots of inquiries to IHNA but still no reply from them.
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    Quote from Lyzhang
    Im wondering if anyone here have known any BRIDGING PROGRAM PROVIDER here in SYDNEY please?
    College of Nursing
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    Hi im just a newbie here.. Regarding the bridging programme, I sent an email to inha and they said that the total amount of tuition fee to be paid is $11,500 aud. And, first i need to pay 1000 for ahpra eligibility letter and 500 for my slot. They still have slot for july 2012. My question is, after successfully completing the course, do i need to take the ielts again? Since my ielts score is just suitable for the bridging programme and that is to have obs (overall band score)of 6.5. However when u apply for registration in ahpra it says there that you need to have 7 in all subcategories as well as 7 obs. Im so confused! Also, why here in inha, u are already eligible to apply to their bp even if u got score of 6.5, but still of course u still need an approval letter from ahpra before starting the program. As i have read the thread here, all qualifications for bridging program must meet 7.0 subcategories and obs. Please help me and do give me advice on this matter. Btw, i am a registered nurse in the Philippines.
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