Best state to apply for nclex?

  1. I am a nursing grad in the philippines. After comig here in US, i applied for at CA BON but was ineligible asking me to take classes again. So i was thinking to take LVN or NCLEX in other state. Which state is best to apply for that is not as strict as CA BON for international graduates.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    I'm pretty sure steppybay will come in and reply with a very detailed and informative post.

    Per this thread:, there are 13-15 states that have concurrency issues. And unfortunately, the list may be growing.

    Also, note that New Mexico, the state formerly known as a "fast state," has implemented a new rule. See this thread: New Pinoy RN planning to apply New Mexico + take NCLEX. HELP please..

    Just know that if you are planning to have a license in a "faster" and "easier" state and then try to endorse it to a CA license, that will not work. CA will still say you are ineligible due to your concurrency issue, regardless of whether or not you a licensed in a different state.

    This thread has a discussion about taking the LVN/LPN boards:

    Do your research. And good luck! Pick a state where you want to settle for the long-term, and not the short-term.
  4. by   duanewayde
    Honestly i'm confused which direction to take and i don't just wanna rush in and regret it eventually. Thanx. Really helped a lot.
  5. by   steppybay
    Lol, thanks for chiming in, perioddrama, you did a fine job and by providing the various links and as you suggested let the OP review more of the other threads here as well. Thanks!