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Hi There! I am an indian graduate Nurse awaiting my second pack from NMC. Right now I am in the U.K. as a student. I shall be really glad if the following questions are answered. 1.I had applied the first pack on 11... Read More

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    Olanlesi, congrats!

    Just wondering, from the day you turned in everything (application pack 2) to the NMC, to the day you received the decision letter, how long did you have to wait?


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    I submitted the initial packet late March-early April and received the second packet mid to end of April. I was abroad for a whole month and am just now starting the process of the second packet. Hoping the process will be as painless as possible **fingers crossed**. I will repost as soon as I have made some progress (or what kind of speed bumps I may run into).

    I'm hoping you have received your second packet by now?

    I also have a general question to anyone who might know the answer:
    regarding name changes (due to marriage) DURING application process with the NMC:

    ....I started the application with the NMC in my maiden name and am hoping it will be quite simple to have them change it once I submit my second packet along with certified copies of my birth certificate, passport (with NEW name) and RN license (with new name), seeing as those 3 docs are the only ones they requested in the first packet.

    Anyone with any experience on this matter? Or agree with my reasoning that it shouldn't be too difficult for the NMC to update/change my information?

    Thanks to all!
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    probably easier to do everything with maiden name and then change over to married name

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