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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm ... Read More

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    Quote from jabanana
    thank u for your reply! did u use black or blue ink in filling up the safh application form? do we need to include our resume in the documents to be sent? wish me luck! i hope i can send my docs within this week!!!
    our safh application were computerized and yes we included our resume..
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    hi. can i ask somethin'? what should be the first step in applying for a working visa in norway?? Thanks
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    read on the thread backwards..
    helpful info!
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    Quote from jed101500
    Here are the documents that I sent:
    PRC ID
    PNA ID
    Training Certificates
    Certificate OF Completetion
    Certication Of Board Rating
    Certification Of Passing
    Board Certificate.

    after I sent my giro it took approximately 2 months until i receive my Autorisasjon
    I applied for Helsefegarbeider..
    Hi Jed: So these documents that you passed are all just photocopies or had it certified true copy/ red ribbon? Thanks
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    @Yeng.. Certified True Copy.. Sorry for the late reply.. been very busy lately..
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    Quote from jed101500
    @Yeng.. Certified True Copy.. Sorry for the late reply.. been very busy lately..
    @Jed: Thanks for the response I will try as well to send my documents in SAFH. Did you apply for a licensure or authorisation as helsefagarbeider?
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    has anybody here applied thru relatives/friends in norway to SAFH?

    has anybody been denied? on what grounds?
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    its been 1month and 7 days.. were still waiting for our invoice.... :-(
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    oh! i haven't received mine too! did you apply as gen nurse?
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    Quote from nursey0521
    Hi! I just like to ask

    is it necessary to pass the norwegian language proficiency test this october before I could apply as an auxiliary nurse?
    Can I get part time jobs easily in norway when I get there?

    thank you in advance..
    Hi there,

    What do you mean with "apply"? Apply for a job as auxillary nurse or apply for authorisation in safh to work as auxillary nurse? If you just want to apply for authorisation in safh, language is not a requirement yet but if you already have your authorisation as an auxillary nurse then passing the language profeciency is a requirement in most job offers. As for the part time job, the answer is it depends. There a many factors to consider, like location, type of part time job you wish to do, and importantly to the people you may know. I hope that answers your questions.

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