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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please send me an email or pm ... Read More

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    Quote from kae87
    hi evamore,

    i dont know how to sent a pm here in dont want to put my personal info here in the blog either.. but i would also like to hear from u regarding your steps taken for norway...however i've sent you an invitation to add u in my friends list.. just check for my info from there..i hope that will work.. you're welcome!
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    Hi guys. Im very interested to work in Norway. I call this a desperate move. I visited an agency just this afternoon. And i'm impressed by the way they explain to me all my queries regarding work for Norway. I'm very eager I will push through. I have a friend who already registered for SAFH under that agency. I'm planning to pass all my requirements by next week. =)
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    echo23: HI i want to know if there is an experience required?

    hope to here from you.

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    Hey guys, im planning to go to Norway too tru Job seeker Visa..what are the pros ans cons of there a demand of nurses in there? is that easy to get working visa? thank you.
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    u need to have experience in order to win a job. Im still in the process of knowing the pros and cons in that region but like what i said this will be a desperate move for me.
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    hi! i was reading your post. You actually don't need to go under an agency for your to process your SAFH. You can actually do it on your own and it will be less expensive.
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    Hi Kae87!

    I already send an email to you. I saw your email add when you added me as a friend a few days ago. Did you received my message? Did you already apply for SAFH? I'm kinda worried because I do not have hospital experience but I just worked for a private duty nurse for 8months only. I hope they will consider it. What about you? Do you have hospital experiences? Please inform me if you already submitted your application to SAFH because I was still thinking whether to submit mine since I lack experiences. But as I read this posts from seaciel and richelle de guzman, they do not have also hospital experience that's why I also got some hopes from what they experienced. I hope you will reply to my posts.

    Thank you so much.
    God bless.
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    Hi evamore!

    I didn't received any email from you, I even checked the spam folder but no message from you or maybe I accidentally mistaken your email and accidentally erased your email. Can you please provide me instead your email add. Actually I have sent docs to SAFH before but I got pregnant that's why I was not able to push through with my plans. Right now, I was supposed to send my docs last Friday but I got so busy from work that even today I still have on my hands the SAFH docs. But hopefully this coming Friday I will be able to send it. My best friend is in Stavanger, Norway. Every info I got from reading through internet I validated it from her actual experience there. Don't worry about having no experience and all. The very important thing is you know how to speak Norsk so you will pass the interview. Send me your email add. I'll contact you or you may send an email again. Okay?
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    Hello kae87!

    Thank you so much for replying so soon. Every now and then, I used to be updated in this forum. You can reach me thru my email add, its: nurseonduty11 at y.c. I hope you will get it. hehe. Thank you so much, your actually giving me high hopes. I would like to know the process and ask it from you but I think we should talk about it thru email. Or after we have talked on email, I could also give you my fb account. But first, just send me a message and introduce yourself, to know that you are kae87. ehehe.

    Thank you so much kae87.
    I will be waiting for your email.
    God bless.
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    Happy to be back!

    I already received my autorisasjon last week. I was amazed by the quick processing. I sent my application first week of August.

    My biggest challenge now is to look for a room or better if I have a companion in a room to share the rental. I would really appreciate if someone can refer any. Anyone can quote this reply and ask questions and I will be more than happy to answer.

    Don this is jom.PM me in facebook. My plan is to apply at the embassy as soon as I have a place to stay in Oslo.

    Don't loose sight of your dreams everyone. It will not be an easy way but everything is possible at this time. Lykke til!
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