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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   katana_kb
    You can check lists of apartments for rent. They dont allow room sharing here unlike in the phils that we have bedspace or room for rents. Every single room is only alloted for a single person or a couple and everything has an insurance here. You are also obliged to register to the folkeregister after you have already found a place to stay.if someone offered you room sharing then that is illegal. Expect also to pay atleast 3,500kroner for the monthly pay and a 3month deposit.and usually you have a 6mo-3yr rent contract.
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    Hi Katana!

    I have read all your responses to all the questions being posted here. Thanks a lot! I do have a few more questions, though. I added you here and I hope you can accept my request. Here's my FB:

  3. by   katana_kb
    Quote from acebrianverallo
    Hi Katana!

    I have read all your responses to all the questions being posted here. Thanks a lot! I do have a few more questions, though. I added you here and I hope you can accept my request. Here's my FB:


    Hi! You are welcome. I was trying to respond to your request here but i am having problem doing it.
  4. by   charamae
    thank u Katana!
    I was hoping if fellow pinoys would like to share flat/apartment with me since rent price is too expensive in norway. Thank you for the infos, I will be checking
  5. by   acebrianverallo
    Hi Katana. That's fine. I think we are already friends here. Can I ask you how long have your stay in Norway been? Do you recommend that we go thru consultancy agencies (they charge huge sums of money for their so-called consultancy fee) or we do it on our own thru the Norwegian embassy here in Manila? Btw, I attended one of the orientations being conducted by Global Pinoy Consultancy and I would say that they were quite convincing. What exactly are the false hopes/assurances they gave the applicants? And you said the visa is 1 year nonrenewable for the Residence Permit to Learn the Norwegian Language but they said, that you can renew it after 1 year, and renew it again after another year, for a total of 3 years... I apologize in advance for my many questions. It's really my dream to go abroad and I'm still not sure whether Norway is a good (lucrative) option for me. Thank you for your hep and May God Bless you always!
  6. by   katana_kb
    Hi! You are always welcome! As what I have said on my previous post that I am here to help and answer questions of those who want to come here. We dont recommend agenciea or consultancies because they charge their clients too much and couldnt even help then when their clients get here. You can always do it yourself for everything to be done is listed on norways immigration site. As what you have told, they tell you that you can renew your student visa for up to 3years. No, that is not true. The truth is, yes you can renew your student dor another year but that time it will be a different one. If you planned to renew your student visa, you must find a university where you could study but this time it wont be a simple language course but it will be a master or a doctorate course. Wherein one could enrol to that once you are already a and youve passed the highest language exam(bergens test). And those are not achievable in the first year of your visa.

    My wife and here have been here for almost 2yrs.

    Norway is a very wonderful place to work. Salary, benefits, environment and people are excellent. Fyi, one of the most peaceful place to live. But it is also expensive to live here.
  7. by   prayerismyshield
    hi katana. thank you so much for all the info that you posted here. You really gave a good impression on what to expect when we apply for Norway. I guess it really would need a lot of courage and determination from us and a lot of prayers too if we really want to pursue this Norway dream. I am also one of the Norway aspirant. I am planning to send my documents to SAFH and I am really trying hard to find a place to stay in Norway (I am planning to apply for a resident permit to study norwegian) and a good university to enroll too. What school or university you think offers most affordable of them all? thank you in advance katana, hoping for your response.
  8. by   prayerismyshield
    anyone here who is already in norway, applying as an assistant nurse/caregiver, is the salary as an assistant nurse/caregiver enough to cover for the expenses in living in norway. i believe that RN from the Philippines, can not work directly as nurse in norway and i think we aspirant have to start from the very low position available. im just worried if it will be worth it living in norway with a salary of caregiver. will there be enough money for saving and sending back home to Philippines especially that we have families to think of.
  9. by   katana_kb

    Voksenopplring or the public schools for adults are the most affordable ones. The fee normally ranges from 1500kroner (1x/week=4hrs/day) up to 4500kroner (3x or 5x/week) for 2 or 3months depending on the program of the schools. But expect that we are not the priority here and the pacing of lectures is slow. If you want to learn fast then you can enroll to the Folkeuniversitetet which is a private institution I guess but it is more expensive than the previous.

    When it comes to salary, it would all depend on how much work do you get. As a student, you are expected here by the norwegian govt to study and not to work. That is why we are required by the UDI an amount of 90+ kroner for us to use while we are in norway. They have already calculated your expenses during the period of your stay here. It is up for us on how we are going to budget our expenses. As students, you are also allowed to work 20hrs/week or equivalent to a 50% job here in norway. So consider that as a good one. This opportunity allowd you to work in care homes and also in other institutions or jobs not related to your profesion. But please dont expect that you will be easily hired in care homes esp when you are a student because of the language requirement especially here in oslo/akershus region. I know other students who work in hotels, schools and public offices. If you regularly work 20hrs per week then I believe youll have a good salary.

    UDI requires us, Filipinos, to have atleast 80% work for us to get a work visa. This 80% work has already been computed by the norwegian govt that we will have a sufficient salary to cover for our expenses and support ourselves and enough money to save. So I believe salaries here in norway is one of the best, if not the best. So even if you are still a student and gets a regular 20hr-job per week then i may say youll be so happy with the pay. But that is not your focus, rather, language and the 80% work.
  10. by   acebrianverallo
    Hi Katana!

    I just wanna ask something. I'm in the processing of applying for the Residence Permit to Learn the Norwegian Language Visa. And from what I know, the visa gets approved faster than the Autoisasjon. SO after veing approved with the visa, is it recommended to go to Norway and find a good school to learn the Norwegian and if possible, find parttime job or would you recommend for us to take our time here and still wait for the autorisasjon before going to Norway? And do you also suggest that we take basic Norwegian here before going to Norway, and just take the advanced lessons there? SInce like what I've read in one of the posts, you really have to get certified first and they don't do the certification here, right? That's why I thought that I just need to learn the basic (LOL). Am I right? Thanks a lot for your response and God Bless you & your family always!
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  11. by   prayerismyshield
    wow thank you for being an angel katana im browsing it (about the school) on the web right now.. and another question is it possible as a student to be offered a job, a skilled job to be given a working visa, when we do our walk-in through institutions? but yes i also have in mind your advice to learn the language first before pushing to looking for a job... i need to learn the language by heart and then get to know the cultures and then hopefully Norway will be good to me. thanx again katana.
  12. by   katana_kb
    hi! Yes, sometimes visa is approved first before you even receive your autorisasjon. It is an advantage for you if you already know the language when you get here. But the problem is, even if you go to norwegian courses in the Phils but you dont practice it, still it is not a guarantee that you will learn the language. I dont really have the actual price on how much do they really charge you with the norwegian course in the phils. But if you are going to pay from 40-60,000 pesos for just few sessions, then id suggest that you just enroll to the folkeuniversitetet. (check their website, Youll be paying the same amount but youll be guaranteed that you will learn a lot as you will be having a 3week intensive course. Meaning youll be bombarded with lessons and assignments day in day out. This school is also a recognized language school and they are the ones who provide the examination mateials for the norsk prve. By the way you can check which level you are now on your norwegian language by taking the assestment exam on their website. The result will be sent to you via email.

    Regarding your flight schedule, I believe you are given a date on your visa when must leave or you must have left the country before that certain date. So in case you have been approved with your visa and still dont have the autorisasjon, just wait for it there in the phils becasue once you are already here in norway then your 6mos or 1yr visa will also start. Let's just say you came here while your autorisasjon is still on process, then what you can only do is to go to school or take a part time job but except those that are related profession wherein you would need your autorisasjon. I may say that while you are still waiting for your autorisasjon and have enough time before the said dealine of departue then you could just wait there. It is your call if you want to go to norwegian courses or not. I know Filipino nurses who came here without their autorisasjon and still waiting until now and their visa almost expiring and it is only their autorisasjon that is holding them back to get their job. Just wait while you still have time. And also it is safer to apply for your visa once you already have your autorisasjon. Godbless!
  13. by   katana_kb
    Yes, it is very possible. Almost all the filipino nurses or healthworkers here came or started as a student and began working as part time workers then eventually absorbed by the institution as their permanent employees. But as I always say that most employers language is their main basis. There were also those who were fortunate enough to find jobs and got their working visa even without passing prve3. It depends on the location and employer.

    Check also You might be interested with their program. They have their intensive program wherein their students are encouraged to learn fast. It is way better than the program in the voksenopplring.