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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   buknit
    Quote from luzRN
    To: Buknit
    Why from Cebu ? are u living there ? were from manila ? because as far as i know it's nice to go with a group because there's a group visa interview by the embassy
    coz we are from mindanao and cebu is the only place near to us offering the said language.
    did you submit your docus already?
  2. by   jed101500
    HI I already have my Autorisasjon and I have undergone norwegian classess..
    And maybe next month i will be applying for visa.
    Who else here has already lodged their papers?
  3. by   jabanana
    hi luzrn ! we are enrolled to sigvathsen norweigan school here in manila. we are still completiing our documents for safh applicati0n and i really hope we won't miss any of the requirements.i just want to confirm if we need to add some requirements from what was posted from the guidelines:
    all attachments need to be certified copies of:
    • passport
    • diploma/records for all relevant education. (certified copies of your grades alone do not suffice)
    • authorisation/clearance/ licence from your home country.
    • for applicants from outside of the nordic countries:
    • attach a detailed overview of your educational institutions including a presentation of the tutorial programme. theoretical classes you have followed should be listed by the number of hours, and conducted practice by the number of weeks/hours spent within each department. remember to mention at what time the education was initiated and at what time it was finalised.-
    attach a confirmation from your previous employers of your working experience from the time after your final exams and forward. this must include at what time you started working and eventually the ending date, as well as working area and field of experience. if you have not been employed after the finalisation of your education, you must include this information.
    • attach certified copies from the health authorities of your country of education or the last eu/eea country where you have carried out professional practice, confirming your education, with regard to the eu directive 2005/36/ec on general education.
    • attach a certificate of current professional status confirming your certified authorisation in the respective country. this declaration cannot be older than 3 months.--
  4. by   jabanana
    hi jed101500 what documents did u send? did u apply for general or auxilliary nurse? we're just about to send our documents. may i know what are the documents u sent just to make sure we'll be sending the complete requirements. how long did it take from the time u paid til u get ur autorisasjon?
  5. by   luzRN
    To : Buknit
    ah i see.... i just send my documents in safh today via LBC i hope the invoice will come on the first
    week of september....i was planning to enroll in alabang because it's more cheaper...for norwegian
    language studies anyway as our friend from norway told us it's pre-requisite to have a language
    trainning in home country before entering the universities in norway . I just want to be in a group
    interested going in norway ....
  6. by   luzRN
    To : Jed
    It's nice to hear that i wish all the lack in your in your journey to norway . Can i ask do u have relatives their ?
  7. by   jed101500
    Yes I have.. My brother.. He will have his vacation this september.. Hopefully everything is well when I apply for my jobseeker visa..
  8. by   jed101500
    Here are the documents that I sent:
    PRC ID
    PNA ID
    Training Certificates
    Certificate OF Completetion
    Certication Of Board Rating
    Certification Of Passing
    Board Certificate.

    after I sent my giro it took approximately 2 months until i receive my Autorisasjon
    I applied for Helsefegarbeider..
  9. by   luzRN
    To: Jed
    Did u apply for registered nurse their ? so u will be undergoing a bridging program then u will be
    going their for a jobseekers visa ? that's valid for how many months ? I just want to we really
    have a nice opportunity their ? for us nurses ?
  10. by   jabanana
    jed101500 u already studied norweigan language? and applying for jobseekers visa needs to have "show money" right?
  11. by   jabanana
    but if u alreay have ur autorisasjon why not look for an employer why you're here so u can apply for working visa?
  12. by   luzRN
    to : jabana
    Someone advice us to have a visa titled : resident visa for skilled workers to study norwegian language it's valid for one year and your entitled to have a part-time job for 20 hrs . a week which is much advisable while your looking for an employer there . That's the new visa which they released only last year this is based on my own research . I already been in the middle east i just want a resident visa for my family ...... try to explore norway at expat blog norway .
  13. by   jabanana
    but u also need to show money to sustain ur studies there.. since we cannot afford to show money i'll just apply for the working visa..i just need to find an employer while i'm u have an idea if it will be difficult to look for a job there thru internet?