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Hi everyone, Im a registered nurse from Germany with 4 years experience. Went to the whole registration process with ahpra and waited 7 months. Today I received an email, that they are considering... Read More

  1. by   gypsynursesarah
    Hey Guys.. I know this thread is a little old, but I wanted to share in (some of) your frustrations, and give some heed of caution to those searching these sites for advice.
    I am a RN in the USA, originally qualified in New York State in 2012 with my ADN. This is an Associate Degree in Science of Nursing which is NOT a certificate program, it is NOT a vocational program, it is a degree recognized nationally, from a State of New York University. For those who are not familiar with the US system, this program qualified me to take the NCLEX which is the national exam in the USA that every qualified nurse takes in order to obtain their pin and be registered. After passing and beginning practice, I completed my Bachelor in Science of Nursing in 2014. My bachelor program did not require any additional clinical hours, as I was already a qualified practicing RN. I worked full time as an RN from 2012 till present.

    I applied to the AHPRA in December of 2016.
    I spent thousands of dollars, and countless hours to get the appropriate paperwork in to the AHPRA, sent first class as requested, to prove my qualifications and status. This included a mandated letter from my elementary school (age 6) stating my education had been taught and assessed in English. I mean, my tertiary degrees were taught in English but apparently that alone was not sufficient to prove my English was sufficient.
    My application was proposed to be declined due to 'insufficient clinical instructed hours (my original degree had only 495 apparently) and lack of proof of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics' classes. To be clear, my initial degree indeed did show I had less than the required 800 hours (and my aprox 8,000+ hours of practice as an acutal RN did not cover these), however pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics are integral components of ALL certified nursing program, which I proved my program WAS, or we would not be allowed to register as nurses!!!! DUH!!
    I was told on the phone "here in Australia, we have standards" by my (one of the five I was passed through) registration officer.

    My futile effort ended when I got sick of several "proposal for an extension of deadline for decision from the AHPRA"s, and I formally withdrew my application last month, and left Australia.
    The whole process was exhaustive and quite frankly degrading.

    I hope others are not having such an awful experience!! Good luck all!