A Guide in Becoming a Nurse in Dubai - page 5

This is all about my journey as a Nurse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since there are not much detailed posts and information when I looked over the internet, to help all of you out there I decided... Read More

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    hi! thank you for the very informative post. may I ask, did you also submitted your marriage certificate? my nursing credentials and PRC license are all under my surname when i was still single. Now I am already married and I used my husband surname in my passport. I fear that it will brought confusion and they will reject me from taking the exam. will you enlightened me. Thanks

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    Quote from RNRouge

    Now that I am on the process of application for a nurse position, I came across those companies that are offering lower than that. Everything would depend on the institution, your experience, and the type of specialty you have. But the average would be I think 4k-6k dhs.
    Hello RNRouge!

    How's your application going? I'm on currently on that process too. It's quite challenging seeking for an agency with a nice job offer. Most are for home care, as much as possible I'd like to choose hospital/clinic. Any luck so far? Hopefully 2014 will be more prosperous for us!
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    Hello Ma'am,

    I wanna seek advice/assistance from you regarding DHA application. I am currently applying for Dubai Health Authority Exam. I am donw with registration, uploading the important documents and filling up the needed information. I am on the step of paying the assessment fee through online so I decided to use Metrobank Visa Credit Card owned by my sister. As i proceed to the transaction payment, I entered the Visa Card Number, Expiry Date and Verification Code but there was an error. It says, "Your authentication could not be completed because of a system error. If this happens consistently, please contact your CSR." Afterwards, my sister received a text message "MCC ending 2003. Your one time password (OTP) to complete this purchase of AED 210 is (password number). If you don't make this purchase, call 8-700-700. But in the DHA online payment transaction, nothing pop up asking the OTP or no window appear where i can encode the OTP and send it to complete the transaction.

    I found out that my former workmate has a mastercard so i decided to use it with her consent. The verification and authentication of the mastercard was done and as i review the transaction details in the reciept, it says TRANSACTION STATUS:: FAILURE. Can u help me with this concern??? so i could proceed to the next step
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    Hi...good day! I would just like to ask how u managed to get ur certificate of good standing from the Singapore Nursing Board? ...'tis my big problem right now.
    thankyou! ur answer is much much appreciated..
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    Hi! Im done uploading the necessary documents and i reached the point to make a payment. ********** international cards are not accepted. I tried making the payment for 2 days and i always got a failure status. Today id like to push it thru coz i have a cc issued in uae pero it gave me this error messg ``PAYMENT IN PROGRESS PLEASE TRY TO OPEN THIS PAGE IN A FEW MINUTES``. I waited for an hour***** still the same error. I contacted dha,sent email to them several times and response up until now. Help pls..

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    Hi RNRouge..how's your application?could i just ask if in a way that sheryan will save my application in every section even i havent completed the whole process yet?thankyou..
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    hello dear,
    Thank you so much for your help. You are truly an amazing person and you are so kind ^_^
    I am female studying nursing in Canada and I will be graduating soon. I speak Arabic as I am originally from the middle-east. I am considering visiting Dubai after I finish my final exams around April 15th.2014. I have visited it many times but this time I will be visiting it to explore my options there and have a breather also after my stress from my exams. I would actually love to have u as a friend and potentially long lasting friend since I have relatives but I am looking for friends who are going through the same experience. I would love to meet with u and u can visit me where I am staying. I am planning on staying for 2 weeks in Jumeirah beach residence. I really want to make friends and hopefully get through living in Dubai smoothly and comfortably. All the best to you dear and good luck with your job search Let me know if u would like to meet with me, I am super nice and friendly.
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    hi to all.. is haad and prometric exam in dubai the same? sorry for the question.. i just dont have any idea in this matter.. but im so much interested working in uae.. and do they hire male nurses there? thank you for those who can answer..
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    Hey there!

    Thank you for your post. So helpful.

    Can i just ask if its okay if I can take the prometric exam here in the philippines before processing or scanning the documents or submitting all the requirements online?
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    Just a quick admin note - AN does not endorse meeting strangers. Although everyone is an adult here, we strongly encourage you not to post email addys, phone number or invite others to visit.

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