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1 year post registration course in AUS for IEN - page 2

Hello! I'm planning to take a 1 year post-registration course at Flinders University. I have no work experience as a nurse but I'm a registered nurse here in the Philippines. I only volunteered in a... Read More

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    Hi Dorothy. Yes, I'm enrolled in Flinders Uni for Bachelor in Nursing Registered Nurse Entry March 2014 Intake. Are you for the March intake also?
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    Hi! I just like to know if this program is offered in Deakin as well? I learned about this 1 year post registration course in Fortrust. I believe Deakin has it before. I tried searching their website but I can't find it anymore. I have no paid hospital experience yet but I am a recent graduate (2013) and is currently working in a telerad. I just thought it won't count though because it's much more of a Nursing Informatics thing.