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My CNO application has finally arrived and they told me that I did not meet the program requirement for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. The CNO even told me that they compared my... Read More

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    I would caution you about helping each other to complete the competencies, the CNO requires that you base your examples on your individual work experience and will considers it dishonest if you use someone else's examples.

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    o yeah I'll definitely do my thing based on my own knowledge and experience... Anyways, do i need to provide explanations in every situations/examples still or just a situation?
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    My CNO application to General RN arrive and they told me you didn't meet the program requirment (education) , so they refer my application to thr regestration committe .What do you think the result will be , I'm on stress .
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    have u done the entry to practice competencies? which they ask u to provide examples from your nursing experience to prove that u have met the specific competencies...
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    Yes I did . And this what they inform me .
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    did they give u the direction that u have to take to become an RN?
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    Based on previous AN posters discussions, the registration committee meets, discusses the theory and clinical requirements you are lacking , sends a letter of direction advising you to either apply to a bridging program and/or apply to have CNO assess your education as equivalent to a practical nurses.
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    hi, i also receive a letter from cno and saying [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i did not meet the requirements for registration as a registered nurse in ontario.
    i have a question for you. are you registered nurse from your original country or not, because i am not registered nurse in my country and i just graduated last april 2011. my sister also received a letter from cno but her papers are different from me, maybe because she is a registered nurse in the philippines. so is this entry to practice competencies are only for those who are not registered in their original country?
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    I recently received a letter from CNO asking to justify the 'not met' competencies (for RN).
    Can anyone explain what the following competencies means?
    #52 - "Negotiates priorities of care with clients while demonstrating an awareness of the influence of existing positional power relationships."

    #113 - "Understands that policies can influence attitudes, beliefs and the practices of health care providers, who must be advocates for equitable access to health care resources".

    #120 - "Identifies and implements activities that maintain one's fitness to practice".

    Thanks in advance.
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    thank God i got my eligibility to take the exam and i'm taking it on October..

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