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[HELP] Filipino Applying NCLEX for NY

  1. 0 Hi Happy Holidays to all of you,

    I'm a Filipino Nurse trying to apply for NCLEX next year for NY State. There are some things that I'm confused about and I would like to ask for your help.

    1.) Which forms should I send NY-BON? - Form 1 only or the whole Registration Book?

    2.) Would I still need to submit Form 3? - Because CGFNS will be verifying my licences should I send Form 3 to them or to PRC (PH's Licencing Body).

    2.1) If to PRC should I make a formal request to them?

    These are the things that confuses me, I'd like to pass my requirements by Jan 2014 and I have just filled up the forms but I don't really know which ones to send, I tried call ing NY BON and CGFNS while CGFNS keeps referring me back to NY BON, I couldn't patch through to them and I'll try again after the holidays.

    I just hope someone could help me with this so I can submit them by next year.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays again!
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    What's your US immigration status?
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    Hi, my Family is in the US and I'm currently for petition but as of now nothing yet, I'm focused first in applying for NCLEX