[HELP] Filipino Applying NCLEX for NY

  1. Hi Happy Holidays to all of you,

    I'm a Filipino Nurse trying to apply for NCLEX next year for NY State. There are some things that I'm confused about and I would like to ask for your help.

    1.) Which forms should I send NY-BON? - Form 1 only or the whole Registration Book?

    2.) Would I still need to submit Form 3? - Because CGFNS will be verifying my licences should I send Form 3 to them or to PRC (PH's Licencing Body).

    2.1) If to PRC should I make a formal request to them?

    These are the things that confuses me, I'd like to pass my requirements by Jan 2014 and I have just filled up the forms but I don't really know which ones to send, I tried call ing NY BON and CGFNS while CGFNS keeps referring me back to NY BON, I couldn't patch through to them and I'll try again after the holidays.

    I just hope someone could help me with this so I can submit them by next year.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays again!
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    What's your US immigration status?
  4. by   marckdot
    Hi, my Family is in the US and I'm currently for petition but as of now nothing yet, I'm focused first in applying for NCLEX