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Your experience is needed

  1. 0 I am at a crossroads in the nursing world. I want to be a NP but can't decide if the hospital setting is the long term fit. I LOVE ACUTE! I have done rounds with an experienced ACNP in cardiology and loved the intense moments and the laid back ones. I want to hear from any and all experiences/life decisions/looking back would you do it again or different stories I can to help form my long term. I am 36 with 1 child and another on the way. I want to take in all I can from YOU to help solidify before I commit to a long term goal. I do know that I am going forward, I just want peer reference. Thank you all in advance.
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    What specialty do you want to work in? I considered CRNA solely because of the $$, and I've got the GPA to get in and the work ethic to get through it. However, I find anesthesiology to be profoundly boring, so I would only go that route if you actually have an interest in it.

    I too prefer inpatient work, but I am going for my CNM, which involves both inpatiant and ambulatory care. I have discovered that the ambulatory part of my work is just as intellectually stimulating as my inpatient stuff.
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    I think it is really going to depend on #1 what you love, and #2 how that fits your lifestyle. I have three kids ages 5, 8 and 9, and I have enjoyed working 9-5 M-F this past year. I am going to be attending NP school for Family NP to give me a wider range of choices in which to work and decide later what "specialty" if any I would like to do. Where I live they hire FNP's for just about everything and RARELY do i see any listed postings for Adult-Peds-Acute Care I figure I'll have my choice later. For me I prefer to work in a clinic with clinic hours, no call, no weekends, no holidays due to my kids lives, my husband and generally the fact that working 12's sucks trying to have a "family" life in my opinion. I love continuity of care, i want to see my patients for the long term, not just a few days or a few weeks til discharged. So you see the best bet for you would be to figure out what you love, are most interested/passionate about and go from there.
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    Family NP is what I am being drawn to now away from the adrenaline based acute np setting (I'm a cardiac RN). The guy I run with now is great. His famous words when he goes running into an emergent situation is to "shock the s*it out of them". It never gets old. He talks about his friends who make more in a Family np clinic setting but always states it is the same ole thing. I am a family man first and foremost so the role of Family NP has my greatest intentions which is family oriented.
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    I am in Alabama. What was the experience of going back to school like for you all versus the "boot camp" of nursing school?