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I'm looking to start an FNP program next year and weighing my options: part-time vs fulltime. Ideally I'd go fulltime, but obviously finances and stress play into that. What did you find worked best for you? Is it possible... Read More

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    i am in a four semester fnp program, and just completed my second semester. the last two semesters i worked 36 or 32 hours/week, working every other weekend. we had class on two days, which meant most of my days were working or at school. i studied everywhere and on every day off!

    in the fall, we begin clinicals requiring 24 hours/week. i will be then going to 24 hrs/week (again, every other weekend and one day during the week).

    if you are dedicated and motivated, it can certainly be done! i have to work and make some income, as well as carry my husband and my insurance.

    good luck!

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    Loryn, where did you find a four semester np program? Im possibly looking for a short np program.
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    I work full time and go to school full time. If you really want to make it work u can do it I study every where lunch break at work, in the park with the kids, while I am waiting under the dryer at the hair dressers. I will be starting clinical next month still planning to work full time I will be switching to working four 10 hour shifts and going to clinicals 2 days a week
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    i plan to continue to work this upcoming fall semester f/t. i think it can be done, you will just have to sacrifice some life. but the reward will be worth it...i hope at least

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