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    I had originally planned on going for a Clinical Psychology PhD, but the field seems to be getting worse and worse. PsyNP seems like a way better career choice (more demand, better pay, less time in school). I am looking to apply next year to direct entry MSN programs specializing in psychiatry. Some, if not most, of these programs allow you to continue part time once you get your RN after the first year. This is ideal for me since such programs are very expensive, and I would like to get some experience as an RN before becoming APRN. Has anyone else done something similar? My main concern is that it will be very difficult to find a job as an RN with no experience, judging from the posts I've seen on this board. Would it truly be difficult to get a part-time entry-level RN job while in school?

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  3. by   Riburn3
    Part time would be difficult as a new nurse since most places want you to orient full time for a couple of months, but working in psych you might be able to pull it off since most inpatient psych facilities are desperate due to high turnover. It also depends on your state too. It will be extremely difficult if you're in California to find work as a new nurse, but in Texas or New Mexico you wouldn't have too much trouble. Like all things in this field, it depends on your particular circumstances.
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    I'm in nursing school right now, an Alternate entry psych np program. My experience is in Austin, TX. It can be more of a challenge if you're looking for med-surg or peds, but if psych is your interest you should have no problem finding a job freshly licensed, in my psych rotation I was asked to apply at two different in patient facilities and given reference names. This experience was common among my classmates as well.
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