Working as both a FNP and ACNP at the same time?

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    I am wondering if any NP's here are currently or have worked as both a FNP and ACNP at the same time? I am applying for an ENP (dual FNP/ACNP) program next semester than can prepare you for work in the ER. However, I am thinking about working in the ICU and am not sure if I can work primary care alongside, although I would love to do that. Is working 4 days a week in primary care and 2 weekends a week in acute care unheard of? Thanks!
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    I know a FNP who works in a family practice clinic all week and works in an ED every weekend and all holidays when the clinic is closed. He has no family, no hobbies, and apparently nothing else to do, lol. He told me once he hasn't had a single day off in over 4 years.

    We don't have many ACNPs here; our state practice act still allows FNPs to practice everywhere unrestricted and all of the acute NPs I know are either ANPs or FNPs.
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    I figured one would be very busy this way, lol. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe here in Texas, you can't be just a FNP to work in the ED.

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