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hello all, i had planned on starting nursing school in a year for my adn but have just found out about an msn bridge program for which i may qualify. i already have my bs in psychology, and this... Read More

  1. by   Oreo

    I am quite new in nursing. I think I get some wrong concept on nursing practitioner. Actually, what exactly it is? What will they do? Does NP need a license? Can NP choose back to work as a RN? Does all MSN (with whatever major specialized) can work as an NP? Does NP recognized internationally like a RN? What can they do in other countries? What's the difference of NP from Nurse Specialist? Sorry for so many questions and thank you for any replies.
  2. by   Osorry1
    It is best to consider any decision you make wisely, whether ADN or NP. There is also an accelerated program at UT Knoxville that takes 3 yrs. I completed the Vanderbilt program and have never regreted it. It is rigorous as it's 3 yrs work rolled into 2 full years, but it's a great program and I had no trouble finding employment. There are also many loan repayment options to help with the financial end. Good luck!
  3. by   RN_Amy
    Quote from Dave ARNP
    I am a NP because I wanted to make the orders, not follow them.

    Once you understand that, you realize that bedside nursing is alot different from advance practice.

    why not become an MD then?