Where should I look for WHNP jobs? Where should I look for WHNP jobs? | allnurses

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Where should I look for WHNP jobs?

  1. 0 Hello fellow nurses! I will graduate from my WHNP program in May 2012 and I am trying to figure out where to go afterwards. I have lived in Boston for most of my life and I think it's time for a change. Ideally, I'd like to go to San Francisco, but from everything I have read on here so far, it seems like it is very difficult to get hired as a new NP, and that California strictly limits NP practice. I'm most likely still going to try to move to SF anyway, but I am 100% open to other cities as well. What cities/states have good job opportunities or are less limiting than CA in the scope of practice? I'm a super outdoorsy person so I need somewhere with some good running paths or hiking nearby
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    I've heard that Washington state is an excellent place for NPs. It seems like it would be a great place to live if you like the outdoors as well. Just a thought!
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    I would check out the HRSA website as they have some great student loan repayment programs for nurse practitioner's willing to work in underserved areas. I know of 3 Women's Health NP positions posted in Southern NJ recently. Good Luck with your job search.
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    I too graduated in May of this year. I am currently studying for my exam. Can you recommend any NCC WHNP practice tests or review books with questions only???
    Also, do you have any classmate in need of a discounted Fitzgerald NP Certification Exam Review & Advanced Practice Update?