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Hello Everyone- I am asking for honest and sincere advice from you guys whom might have been in my dilema position. I am a new grad working in critical care. Before going into my nursing program... Read More

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    I may have not put it well. I agree that the two programs are completely different. I was trying to get across that I wish we, as NPs, got the same medical model training. It would make our work smoother. That is what I was trying to say.
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    I totally agree! I am a new grad last year and during my 8 months working in long term care facilities as an NP, there is SO MUCH that they don't teach/never mentioned in NP school. I was a good student, graduated with honor, and several clinical rotation places wanted to hire me after my rotation. Then what, I really don't know much! I guess PA school will provide you more clinical knowledge and medication knowledge, and for NPs, we gotta learn from our experiences. Best luck!

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