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what do you learn? What type of work do you do? Papers, projects, exams please go in detail exactly what exactly you do in the paper, projects, etc another thing what do you learn exactly ... what exactly are your classes and... Read More

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    Thank you TJFRN for the words of encouragement!!!!!!!!!!! It is appreciated!!.. It seems unreal that it has been almost 3 years since I started, and it seemed like it would NEVER end.. each semester felt like a lifetime, but now it seems unreal.......

    Thank you again for the words of encouragement we all need them, it does help so much!

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    this may be a stupid question but if you do an online np program, how do you do clinical rotations? are there certain facilities that you have to go to?
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    Clinical placement for distance students depends upon the student's location. If you are in a city where your NP program has existing relationships with preceptors, they may be able to set these up for you. If you are in an area where no contracts or relationships exist, you will be expected to do your own networking to find appropriate placements and preceptors and your program will then contact them to make sure they meet the standards of your school.

    In areas where there are LOTS of NP/PA/Med schools, this is a real challenge since there are only so many appropriate slots for students. Hint: You may have an easier time finding preceptors if you are willing to travel to a more rural area or a small city that does not have colleges with medical/NP programs.
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    My distance school was in Alabama with me living in the Midwest. Because their distance program was so established, they already had existing contracts with facilities in most states, and even overseas for military. There were not any pediatric places in my state they had a contract with, but it was no problem, and I established contracts with two major hospitals with one being a children's hospital where I work now. So, they didn't always have specific preceptors set up, but I did not have any problem. I contacted offices I had been to before, and contacted the local NP chapters. I got responses right away for people who wanted to help me. We just had a form from my school they had to sign. I live in a big city with A LOT of nursing/NP/physician/DO schools and did not have a problem. Maybe it depends on which part of the country you are in, but I had no problems at all. Your school will help you with any paperwork necessary. It is not a big deal.
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    As mentioned before, it depends on the University and also depends if you are persuing an MSN/NP or a DNP. My program (for BSN-DNP) requires over 1300 hours of clinical time. I am in the FNP program & it is 11 semesters (3 1/2 years). This program focuses on alot of Evidence Based Practice. Therefore, not only learning how to diagnose and treat but also researching what the evidence says regarding a particular disease. There are alot of papers, exams, and homework. I also have to find my own preceptors. We have to do a small research study for graduation requirements and plan to get the results published. Everything is done APA style. Overall, although this program is very challenging, I love it. I have two children newborn and a teenager. If you work hard, study hard, and stay committed to your goals, you will be just fine. I have one year left, and I'm counting down the days where I can just work and not study. As far as work goes for me, I do whatever it is that's necessary to pay the bills. Agency (flexible hours), flu clinics, homecare ect.
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    What school did you attend? allicat130@gmail.com
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    I found it extremely hard but when it was time to test, I felt I was extremely prepared. It all depends on where you attend I should say but the most important thing is that you should study like your life depends on it!

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